60 of the Best: Ken Turns 60

Earlier today I was treated to a very special delivery to celebrate one of the worlds most celebrated fashion icons birthdays and inside was the perfect treat that any fashion lover would admire! Since his arrival in the 60s until today Barbie’s partner Ken has not only been regarded as a fashion king and icon, but one that champions diversity and inclusivity who helps kids, of all ages, sexes, colours and creeds, not to mention orientation and abilities, around the globe understand the world they live in and I couldn’t be prouder than to have been able to raise a glass and toast the special guy himself. Since his beginning around 247 different styles of Ken have been made, as well as many styles of outfits, and with the passing times we have seen his growth to include changes in skin colour, fashion styles and occupations which have allowed us, his adoring fans, to grow and be bold with him!

To mark his birthday makers Mattel have created a 4 doll collection which tell the story of the great man’s journey through life, fashion and the arts and helps us nostalgically reminisce of the years and memories past. From rock and Roll and Hip-Hop to major fashion events and black tie galas the birthday boy really has a look for every occasion – and a wardrobe that would make even Anna Wintour herself jealous, but more than this he is and always has been a muse, a king, an icon that has set trends in his own right and influenced fashion moments and trends that have gone down in history.

In a world first I am super excited to show you guys a first look at my day yesterday with the icon himself Ken, as we celebrated his 60 years of fashion achievements and his milestone birthday collection announcement – which you can buy for yourself here, but be quick the birthday boy is always in high demand…

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