A Beautiful Memory: June Again

It’s not often that you go to the cinema and see a film that moves you so much that tears of joy happen, but I have to tell you after sitting in the preview screening of June Again that was exactly how I felt, and exactly what happened. The all-Australian movie, starring iconic actors Noni Hazlehurst, Claudia Karvan & Stephen Curry was a feel-good movie that told of a life of wonder and the way too respectfully say goodbye both to it and the intriguing person who lived it, through ups and downs the trio of actors, who’s award winning performances should be acknowledged, made us laugh, smile, reminisce and well cry, all while paying homage in the most beautiful way to a mother they learned to love again.

Telling of the life of June Wilton, played by Hazlehurst, we start as the assumed octogenarian “wakes” and we are taken on a journey from her coming out of her bout of dementia, to her escape from the home she lives in and then through to discovering just where her family is now, while learning the intricacies of everything she has missed out on. Knowing she has little time left of her small bout of clarity we see the talented business owner, mother, wife and woman tackle the issues of bringing together her estranged children, played by Curry & Karvan,  saving the family business and even try to rekindle an old flame, but it’s how this story ends that will have you emotional and although I won’t ruin the ending here I can promise you tears of joy, of sadness and a hope that lives with you to remind the ones you love everyday just how much they mean to you.

I know you haven’t yet seen the new movie June Again but I implore you to. This masterpiece of Australian cinematography deserves every accolade I am sure it is going to receive and then some – so see just why critics are calling this the resurgence of great Australian film-making!

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