A Colour For All: Zara Beauty Launch

Debuting its first ever comprehensive beauty collection global retailer Zara is again breaking boundaries as its newest range of goods showcases a colour, gender, age and race inclusive collection that will have you feeling, saying and thinking that the notion of beauty is everybody, everyday! Striving to always reach a diverse audience the brand is synonymous with style, class and beauty so it’s no wonder why they have taken this next step to show the world there is no beauty only beauties!

The collection of products for eyes, lips, face and nails has been developed with the creative direction of legendary British makeup artist Diane Kendal and offers products made with the highest performance ingredients with clean formulas and offer refillable packaging in over 130 colours! The expansive array of consciously unique formulas allows consumers to purchase and have fun with a breadth of colour and a sense of playful uniqueness unlike ever before that will ensure the capacity to create a multiplicity of looks and celebrate the beauty we all have together.

If you’re yet to see just why people all over the globe are raving about the new Zara beauty collection then wait no further! Below are some of my favourite pieces from the range, but do make sure you check out there online store or, if in Melbourne, there Chadstone boutique to see the full collection for yourself…

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