A Little Party Never Hurt Nobody: Employee’s Only 2nd Birthday

Yesterday I was treated to a very special dinner with some of Sydney’s favourite bloggers to celebrate the 2nd birthday of one of Sydney’s favourite venues, Employee’s Only! Synonymous with style, great cocktails and delectably intricate meals the brand is globally known as a modern day “it” spot for those who know how to start a party and more than that, for those who know how to have fun. With delicious food and beverage options, a great atmosphere and a surprise behind every nook and cranny this underground bar is one of this town’s must see’s and after again dining their last night I can tell you very well it is every bit the reputation it has built.

Treating guests to a look at the summer dinner menu and getting to taste test some of the newest developed cocktails the brand put on a very different party this year with restrictions in place but never the less we were still treated to a night of style and from the entree’s to the cocktails and to the burlesque dancers there was no stopping the celebration of just how far this illuminating beam of light of a venue had come. Equipped with their usual treats of dancers, carrot readers and divine hospitality we were lucky enough to experience the event and be treated into a look of where the brand is heading – and boy I can’t wait to see it.

If you missed out on getting to celebrate with us don’t fret I have some of my favourite moments from Employee’s Only turning 2 below and should you find yourself in the harbour side city take my recommendation and head along to one of the funnest bars this city has to offer, I can assure you you won’t want to have missed it or it’s delectable eats and OTT party moments…

Photos by Wade Whitington.

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