A Winter Slumber: Wanderluxe Sleepwear

With life on track to head back to normality the last few weeks, or as it’s known “mad march”really was a crazy time which is why I am super glad that I got the opportunity to trial the new Wanderluxe Sleepwear range on my day off yesterday. Made for everyday I trialled the brands newest “Darcy” collection, and after trying it for myself I can see just why fans of the brand don’t want to take these pieces of!

The luxurious fabrics is what sets this brand apart, and make these pieces so coveted, and I can tell you having worn it for myself there is a sense of comfort in this luxury, a wholesomeness that you just can’t get anywhere else and mix in the fact that the brands bespoke fabrics have been masterfully constructed and created based on the principles of suiting and Savile Row Tailoring which the designer learnt from years of working in her family business and you begin to understand just how and why the label is pushing boundaries and with it alluring scores of fans. This four piece capsule is a commitment to quality, a line of luxury and quite simply put the best way to sleep, hands-down!

If you haven’t yet seen, or felt, why Wanderluxe Sleepwear is the best home-grown remedy for a good nights sleep then I really think you should! Check out my day in my comfy new pieces below and make sure you head online to check out the brands full range.

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