All Aboard: Staple Drinks

Labelling themselves as the “new normal” I was treated to an inside look at the lifestyle around the beautifully crafted RTD brand, Staple drinks, that has become a big hit with punters as they showcased the brand and its ethos with some of Sydney’s favourite influencers yesterday in a day out on the water to experience just why there drink has received the notoriety it has – and boy was it a treat. Leaning on the facts the healthier and more convenient brand is hell bent on delivering tasty beverages so you can enjoy the epic moments that come along with them, and after my day out with them I have to say I am sold!

Saying that they are more than delicious drinks is one thing but proving it is another and a big reason I was sold on the brand was because of their flavours. Now I know what you’re thinking and if you have done your research you’d be right there are only two options, a vodka mixer and a gin mixer but the secret for this brand is doing the basics better! Crafted with premium real fruit purees rather than cordials both the Vodka Soda Lime & Gin Soda Cucumber deliver an unreal taste that capture and celebrate the Aussie summer unlike anything else I have tasted. Clean, balanced and a rounded feel the drinks offer a great alternative to the saturated market and really stand out from the pack with just one sip.

If you’re yet to try the deliciously new crafted Staple drinks then what are you waiting for? The delectable refreshments are available all over Sydney from craft alcohol stores or via BWS & Dan Murphys not to mention there online store! While you’re deciding which one to buy check out my day with the brand below…

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