All The, Small Wins: Monkey Shoulder

Let’s be honest, after the year that was, we all deserve to cut ourselves some slack and I know just the way to do it – with a campaign that encourages Aussies to celebrate daily small wins like simply putting your pants on! Globally recognised whisky brand Monkey Shoulder is yet again ahead of the rest when it comes to rewarding it’s fans and now it is putting itself to the test by rewarding Australia’s biggest ‘small winner’ a lifetime supply of whisky, because they sorta earned it and all you have to do go into the running is share your small wins that would otherwise remain unrewarded. 

#MonkeyShoulderSmallWins is all about giving people permission to celebrate the small successes of day-to-day life such as not waking up hungover on a Sunday, getting a match on Tinder or remembering to take out the bins on bin night. So if you want recognition for washing up without breaking anything or making your bed in the morning before you leave the house then boy are you in for a treat!

If you are still yet to be one of the people to show Monkey Shoulder that your small wins deserve to be recognised then what have you been waiting for – the lifetime supply of whisky is a simple filling of a form away! Head here to enter before the 5th of May and remember reward yourself, you deserve it!

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