Back For A Boogie: Yours & Owls Festival

With COVID seemingly in the rear-view mirror in Australia this past weekend things started to look like normal again and we were treated to something we have missed oh so much – a music festival! Wollongong’s annual Yours & Owls event burst back into action to much acclaim and it’s stellar lineup of home-grown star-studded artists that would have had even those who hate a boogie, up in-front of their chairs and dancing took to the smartly planned COVID-SAFE 4 part arena to allow fans of music, and the festival, to smartly and new-worlds partake in and enjoy a celebration of the arts. Now don’t get me wrong, there were some hiccups – there were bound to be being the first festival back, but all an all I’d say they came, they sang, they conquered and with thousands in attendance and no “big issues” the event played out almost seamlessly while the adoring fans got exactly what they asked for, a reason to dance again!

Sporting a lineup that wold make a regular pre-covid festival jealous home-grown headliners like Pnau, Hayden James, Tones & I, Lime Cordiale, Dope Lemon, Cosmos Midnight, the DMA’s, What So Not, Running Touch & Winston Surfshirt played alongside Aussie favourites Haiku Hands, Slowly Slowly, George Alice, The Vanns, The Smith Street Band, Children Collide, Phi11a, B Wise and a host of other local acts that seemingly worked together to showcase just why Australian music is at the top of it’s game. The two day festival saw fans of all ages flock to the seaside town to take a fresh breath of 2021 and let go of the hard times the last 18 months has brought, with COVID effecting travel, jobs and even just the mental stability of people globally the event aimed to give Aussie’s a chance to smile again and enjoy being together in a new fun and safe way which they achieved in my opinion.

If you didn’t get a chance to see just why Yours & Owls Festival is a staple in any years festival lineup then what are you waiting for? Wollongong is calling! You’ll have to wait until next year to enjoy the 2 day celebration of local arts and artists but for now you can check out some of my favourite moments from the weekend that was, and the acts that had us living and loving being back in festival-land…

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