Bernie Diter’s #ClubKabarett

Last night I was treated to a night out as the magical Club Kabarett returns to Australia along with the club’s ring-woman and MC Bernie Dieter, for a new string of shows, and to yet again delight Aussie fans with her world-class act. Drawing on inspiration from the circus arts and putting a European styled spin on a talented showcase of the arts this show will leave you stunned with amusement, wetting yourself with laughter and the wanting for it never to end. The masterful musicality and talented choreography are something that have to be seen to be believed but it truly is the mother of this show who’s all rounder skills will have you drawn in with her siren like abilities as she delights, curates and celebrates the weird in us all. Take a look below at some of my favourite moments from the night, and please if you get the chance I implore you to go and see why everyone is raving about this show for yourself!

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