Coco Skin Co

Yesterday I got the chance to style and shoot the new Coco Skin Co social campaign as the at home IPL laser treatment launches into the country and I couldn’t be happier with the way it looks! In a mixture of product-focussed imagery and with model shots the campaign highlights just how easy the product is to use while showcasing that it is a beauty essential we all need in the lead up to the warmer months! Allowing for silky smooth skin across the nation the new products campaign features the product at home in a DIY showcase of how to use it as well as showcasing the effects of the usage which you will see rolled out on the brands instagram in the coming months.

Using two models, a male and female we aimed to showcase just how the product easily and effectively fits into everybody’s life no matter how they live and with a simple beauty and skincare routine your skin can look as flawless and silky smooth as that of our models. Being real users of the product I wanted to highlight the unique differences with this product as opposed to its competitors and in-salon treatments while showing in a fresh and bright new way that you can feel just as good, and as secure, doin git yourself as you can if someone did it for you.

Check out the new Coco Skin Co social campaign below or head online and onto their socials where you will see the full range of imagery as this month plays out! And as a bonus the brand has just released their pre-Black Friday deals allowing you a 67% saving on the product, so what are you waiting for, silky smooth skin is just a few clicks away.

Shot by Hayden Buchanan.

Styled & Creatively Directed by Jamie Azzopardi.

Modelled by Jemima & Ryan.

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