Daniel Avakian X AAFW

Opening with a hyper-real avatar superimposed on the runway screen demonstrating the themes of neo-classic virtues elevated by the ideas of human evolution talented young designer Daniel Avakian made his long-awaited Australian Fashion Week return go off with a bang! Drawing inspiration from Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey the beautifully crafted range featured structured, traditional tailoring with a futuristic and androgynous twist that set the crowds hearts and minds on fire.

Contrasting soft chiffon tunics against dramatic Matrix-esque trench coats and 80s styled high waisted knife pleated trousers the designer brought the crowd on a wild ride into the future that quite honestly I’m not sure I or anyone else present wants to come back from and as we watched along while pink and silver garments painted with splashes of red, black and juxtaposed with linear prints inspired by the silicon chip walked past it was clear that this future thinking artistic range of expressionism was a way of the future that we all wanted to be a part of.

If you didn’t yet get the chance to see the stunning Daniel Avakian show from this years Australian Fashion Week then where have you been hiding? Check out some of my favourite moments, pieces and looks from the show below or head to the talented designers page to see just why people are still raving for yourself…

Photos by Getty Images.

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