Dark Spectrum @ vivid sydney

Last night I was treated to a night out at Vivid to see the infamous and must-see attraction Dark Spectrum‘s newest season of work “A New Journey”. After their stellar first year at the event last year I was intrigued to see how the producers – Sony Music, Culture Creative and Mandylights – would reignite the chemistry they created last year and I have to give it up, because this new work is as beautifully fabulous and as must-see as it’s predecessor. Venturing underground in the Wynyard tunnels’ the fabulous attraction brings to life music, culture, art and is simply put a feel good time for all. As you are plunged into a space of misdirection and allowed to discover a secret spectrum of touchable colour, kaleidoscopic lasers and an underworld of intensity and power, glowing and rhythmic you really are taken on a journey of deep emotion allowing you to not only feel the lights but understand their importance. If you are yet to see just why people all over are raving about it, then wait no further, below I have a first look at this year’s unmissable light show.

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