Dinner For A Cause: Target X UnitingCare’s Christmas Appeal

With Christmas just around the corner and the festive spirit in full swing it is again time for Target to roll out their annual Christmas appeal supporting one of Australia’s favourite charities UnitingCare which annually helps to eradicate the issue of poverty across this great land, especially for those in need over the holiday period. December usually marks the giant retail chain’s annual dinner but after the year we have all had and with all of the restrictions in place state to state the brand had to re-think the way this years dinner would go and instead of their usual sit down feast this year they invited some of their favourite Australians to share a special moment at home with their families in an online event that would showcase exactly how the appeal would help those most in need this Christmas via a curated video, and boy was it special!

Sitting down to dinner surrounded by the brands homewares and an array of food as far as the eye could see we couldn’t help but notice how lucky we are, not only to be given this great moment that allowed us to break and truly enjoy each other and the love we share, in a time of much need, but also just generally in life especially with all of the challenges this year had brought to us all which lead to the wonder of how people who deal with homelessness and poverty, mental illness and depravity were really coaping with all the changes this year brought them. Championing the spirit of giving the appeals key messages of hope, peace and togetherness really hit home this year and after learning that Target had given us all the special gift of donating $250 from each of it’s ambassadors and their loved ones to the appeal I decided that the greatest gift I could give back was my own matching donation to help further the dream that no person left behind and we all deserve equal love this year.

While the partaking of the Christmas event that Target and UnitingCare put on isn’t up for grabs you can do your part this holiday season by supporting the appeal here with online cash donations or by buying the beautiful gift tags available at all of the brands stores country wide, where you can also donate funds should you wish, and I’m proud to announce that 100% of the money raised will go towards the appeal partner to make sure we all have a Merry Christmas. Make sure you give back this season and send a loving smile someone else’s way (the good karma is worth it), after all it is the season of giving and this year we all need a little extra love…

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