Don’t Worry Beer Happy: GABS Festival Sydney 2021

Yesterday I put my palette to the test as I tasted all things new in the world of Australasian brews at one of this country’s most famed craft beer festivals, GABS, and I have to say, having tasted more beer than I wish to admit, there really is something on offer for everyone and, pardon the pun, every taste! Sharing there love for craft beer and cider the festival has showcased, nurtured and supported some of this nations best loved brews since its inception in 2011 and this year is no different as the carefully curated event boasts over 100 new flavours from brewers all over the region!

Having been invited down to trial some of the country’s finest and newest beers I feel it’s only my duty to talk to you about some of my favs so here goes: my top 6 must tries. Being a huge fan of LORD NELSON BREWERY’s range it would be a real shame to miss them while at the festival! Serving up there usual range, including there collaboration with hit restaurant Firedoor in Surry Hills, they infamous brand knows how to give you a sweet lasting taste you won’t soon want to let go of. Victorian brewer OCEAN REACH BREWING has a treat for you with there newly invented Coffee & Bun brew. Exclusive to the GABS list of brews this white stout is made with Coffee Beans, Cacao Nibs and Vanilla Bean and is a real treat! JETTY ROAD BREWERY has never been one for rules but it’s just that reason that I love them so much! There offering both at the stall and in the exclusive brew list is more than worth a taste test, and after tasting the Mornington Peninsular drop for yourself you’ll say so too. Cult favourite MODUS OPERANDI BREWING is definitely worth stopping by, and how could you not with there alluring converted bus bar! The brand has there full range of tastes available and as far as I’m concerned it’s worth trying every drop. Known for there quirky take on the world KAIJU! BEER is one not to be missed. There Smokey malted exclusive brew list creation called Cosmic Blunt is a taste for all the senses and is definitely a must try, maybe with some of those loaded fries. And last but not least SAUCE BREWING who’s reinvented 2018 creation is a must taste to believe. Tripple & Squeak Mango Milkshake is one of my favs on the exclusive brew list and for you fruit lovers this is one you won’t soon forget!

If you didn’t get a chance to get to head along to GABS this past weekend (or yet Brisbane & Melbourne – your shows are on their way) don’t fret as I have a first look at some of my favourite tastes below – shot with some delectable eats from Birdman & American BBQ Kitchen food trucks! If you can go and see this show I employee you to do so – or you can check out what each of my favourite brewers is doing, and when you can get your hands on the newest flavours LIVE from there websites and socials…. happy (and safe) drinking!

Photos by Wade Whitington

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