Drinking In The Benefits: Fusspot

Giving you a reason to take some time out and a helping hand in keeping your skin looking delicious Fusspot Collagen Beauty Tea offers a new way of consuming tea – as a beauty product. With so many beauty brands just thinking about topical applications and not about what is being consumed and how it effects our bodies from the inside out the brand wanted to develop a delicious and consumable product that was organic, made with natural ingredients and provided a load of powerful antioxidants and there benefits while also offering a boost to your skin with the stimulatory effects of collagen and I have to say after tasting the product for myself yesterday I can see just why this craze is one people are catching on to!

Having realised that tea offers our skin powerful benefits from polyphenols and antioxidants the team behind this luxurious new brand went to work on creating a list of added ingredients that are there to help and boy did they do a good job. The delectable mixtures of natural and organic teas, herbs, spices and plant-based ingredients not only help your skin be the best that it can be but offer you a refreshing and deliciously tasting cuppa that you don’t get all that often! The blends work together harmoniously to create a flavourful experience that really compliment each other and allows for a real moment of serenity in each of our busy days whilst allowing yourself a skin makeover from the inside and if that wasn’t enough the brands offering really packs some punch when it comes to your health and wellbeing and gives your skin a real boost to enhance your beauty from within their environmentally friendly teabags are great to use cold on your eyes to reduce puffiness and are completely biodegradable and compostable, and our teas even make great facial steams as well after you’ve drunk your collagen!

If you’re yet to try out the new Fusspot Collagen Beauty Tea offering then I suggest you do so, the delicious taste and immaculately connected idea is one I know will be a real winner as the cooler months set in! Do yourself a favour and treat your skin to a rejuvenating experience that you’re sure to see the benefits of! Check out my day with the brand below or better yet head to there website and see the full range for yourself.

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