Festival of Indulgence: The Star’s Cucina Porto

With 2021 not allowing us a holiday, again, other than that at home (and even that has been limited) brands all over the globe have been thinking about ways to allow us to escape wherever we reside and so to have venues, which is why when The Star announced it’s Festival of Indulgence my ears spiked! Threaded together through artist collaborations, imaginative drinks experiences and specially created menus the infamous casino pulled together the thought of togetherness through some of the cities finest dining and retreat experiences which allowed guests from all walks of life to “getaway” from their usual monotony and treat themselves to a day or night of luxurious and holiday-esque moments right in their backyard! 

Tasked with indulging their customers each of the grand casino’s signature restaurants, Sokyo, BLACK Bar & Grill, Flying Fish, Cucina Porto and CHUUKA – along with The Darling Spa, created an entirely original menu that represents their vision of indulgence: silky-textured seafood crudos, marbled meat cooked over flames, and desserts laced with chocolate, cream and red fruits. Last night I got to try Cucina Porto which is one of my personal fav places to eat and boy did they not disappoint! From decadent cocktails like their must-have margaritas and negronis to their home-made pasta’s and traditional way of serving our three course meal sailed us to the shores of Italy and back in a culinary curation of magnificence I won’t soon forget.

The three course meal started with a traditional baked bread, with olives, herbed tomatoes and soft baked eggplant which started us off just right. For mains I decided to share my meal with my guests and as we seated on the array of traditionally baked pizza, home-made style pastas and curated sides like traditional Italian salad with dressing and herb infused baked potatoes I could feel my stomach growing! By this point we were more than full but with dessert on the way how could you say no? We finished off the night with a dessert platter that would not only make chocolate itself jealous but would cause us to feel so full that indulging in any more would have been a crime, even though we obviously finished the plate – with food that good how could we not?

To say that we were indulged was an understatement and in my opinion The Star‘s Festival of Indulgence was a great success, and a beautiful way to help people “getaway” while being stuck at home. If you are lucky you can catch the tail end of the festival and enjoy in the last days of what the beautifully curated offerings allow, but if not don’t fret as the collection of every day menus allow for great eats no matter when you stop by!

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