Foraged & Found: The Botanist Gin

In an effort to showcase and the beautiful gin they create and where it comes from I was treated to a day out yesterday for a picnic nestled into one of Sydney’s most beautiful natural attractions, the Botanic Gardens, for a decadent picnic with the team from The Botanist. Teaching is through the brands history, and the intricate makings of the product I was allowed some insight into why the brand places such a heavy weight or foraging and the process it goes through to become what we taste and throughout the lunch we were treated to try for ourselves all the flavours we had just learnt about and just how they come together to create this masterful spirit.

Led by the brands team of experts we were introduced to the product over a long picnic lunch and were taken through the how, when and where’s of the history before being told of the brands key secret, foraging, and that’s where Italian-born Australian-living master forager Diego Bonetto came in. Between showing us through the gardens famous Herb Garden and telling us anecdotes of his history using the plants he was showing us he divulged just why it is imperative to any liquor that the ingredients are sourced for rich and flavour packed locations and that they work harmoniously together. Showing us first hand the flavours that make the gin the masterful creator gave us first rate insight into all things botanical and really brought together the big picture of what goes in and why.

If you’re yet to taste The Botanist’s gin then wait no longer! Sold at all good alcohol depots and online the decadently curated drop is one you won’t soon let go of, especially if your a gin consumer like I am. Take a look at the beautifully curated picnic lunch we had below, and although I condone drinking responsibly, be sure to pour yourself a nice drop of this and let the weekend set in…

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