Fresh & Free: Esmi Skin Minerals

After months of seeing and hearing about this innovative and creative new skincare regime I decided to test Esmi Skin Minerals out for myself yesterday, and honestly I am very glad I did! Back a few weeks ago I started to see them on my instagram scroll and after reading that they were a mineral based product produced in a vegan way and cruelty free I decided that our ethos lined up and I needed to try them so I reached out to the delightfully smart brand to see for myself just why everybody was raving about them and to see if they were as good as they claimed! With almost 60 different products in the range I didn’t know where to start but after chatting with the brand and hearing their suggestions I decided to try 4 of their products and see how my skin felt afterwards.

After receiving the package and opening it up I checked out the science behind the cleanser, hydrating serum and nourishing oils and saw some great signs backed up with some really great ingredients before trialing each of the beautifully fresh smelling products for myself and I have to admit although I was hesitant at first the brand clearly lives up to its name. The first thing I tried was the uncomplicated cleanser – perfect for all skin types the cleanser removes all traces of impurities and calms/protects the skin with its Aloe Vera and Camilla Leaf extract. I’m always super nervous when I try things on my face as to the result but you could tell instantly how refreshing the feeling of the cleanser would be post-use, unlike most cleansers it doesn’t strip away the bad and good bacterias while leaving you feeling sorry that you used it but instead it felt more like a moisturiser that could help take away the negatives while healing at the same time. Once I had washed my face clean I used the Hydrate serum as I have combination skin that tends to need help hydrating. Like most hydrators my skin felt instantly moist and rehydrated but this product left my skin also glowing with a natural and radiant feel that worked together with the cleanser to heal my skin and make me shine.

It wasn’t until later in the evening that I tried the peppermint green oil before I went to bed which not only helped me sleep, the smell is delicious, but also cooled my skin and allowed it to recover for the next day. Said to help balance oil-flow, which is great for anyone with combination skin, this product is sure to have you hooked. After applying the three products I could see just why the brand has built a name for itself as it’s products really do showcase how much they have thought about the consumer and creating a product that not just says that it is helping but does!

If you haven’t yet tried Esmi Skin Minerals for yourself then now is the time! Check out my day road-testing some of the brand’s products below or better yet head to their website and check out their full range of options to help your skin leading into the warmer months ahead! And for those of you who want a special treat click here to save a little with their pre-weekend flash bundle sale!!

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