Gin Built: Four Pillars Lab

Turning the joy of drinking gin into a full blown culinary experience the masterminds behind acclaimed Gin brand Four Pillars have created one of Sydney’s coolest new pop ups, the Four Pillars Lab, and after trying it for myself I can tell you first hand you need to check this space out for yourself! Pulling from some of the world’s highest acclaimed venues the labs interior is the first thing you’ll notice after arriving at the top of the stairs, and as it sinks in that you are in possibly the coolest bar you will ever step into in Sydney the wheels of thought start to progress and as you learn that this moveable space plays host to four different areas you can only be overwhelmed with joy at the possibilities that are there to be created. The lab, Eileen’s bar, the shop and the masterclass areas are all encompassed by what is the grandest of bar spaces filled only with gin, Australia’s finest may I add!

No matter what you are in the space for you are treated to great service and even greater conversation as the team take you on a walk through the world of Gin, and if your lucky enough a chance to make some for yourself. The Gin Lab is where all of the masterclasses happen and whether it’s a cocktail making session or a lesson in distilling you are guaranteed to walk out of the class with handy new tips we all know you will use. Eileen’s Bar is where you can pull a stool and try a glass of what ales you or book a food and beverage tasting that offers a unique experience at pairing gins – I did this one and boy is it worth it and to cap it all off the Gin Shop is your final port of call where you can buy the brands full range of gins, including there limited-edition range, which if you haven’t tasted then you are truly missing out on.

If you haven’t yet checked out the masterful space for yourself then I’m telling you you haven’t lived right! The Four Pillars Gin Lab is not only a two thumbs up experience in my book but one that should be commended for it’s beauty, it’s heritage and it’s delectable eats and drinks! Check out the space below or head online to book yourself a table, a space in a class or even just a stool at the bar, I know you won’t regret it…

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