Graphically Bold: Brixton x BB Bastidas

Known for his colourful graphic artistry and vibrantly intricate work American pop culture artist BB Bastidas has again turned heads this week when teaming with contemporary streetwear brand Brixton in their newest collaboration rage that showcases just how closely the worlds of fashion and art are. Bringing his unique perspective to the fashion world the talented artist has worked with the brands designers to create a capsule collection that is not only indicative of the times but also showcases just why and how art elevates a look! With bold prints and event bolder slogans this range is one you won’t want to have not seen!

Featuring headwear, tee’s, jumpers, fleece and more the capsule collection captures snipers of the artists illustrious career. From his beginnings with his “Bohemian Eye” print that not only left a lasting impression on the art world but now again resurges as a fashion masterpiece, to his slogans ¬†which tell of the time in life we now live “Fly Now, Die Later” signifying the need, want and hope to push forward through this current global crisis and further into a space where a new normal can be created.

If you haven’t yet seen the new Brixton X BB Bastidas capsule collection then what are you waiting for? Take a look at some of my favourite pieces and looks fro the collection below or head online or in-store to grab yourself a little piece of art/fashion history that you know will be with you for years to come…

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