Injury X AAFW

Taking the fashion world on a digital spin infamous multi-disciplinary creative lab INJURY blurred the lines between virtual and reality with their Australian Fashion Week presentation which was done online and in an AFW first done in 100% CGI! Following in the footsteps of global fashion houses the brand worked tirelessly to bring to life a digital world in which consumers can see and shop right from the digital runway, I mean landscape.

The Melbourne based duo behind the brand collaborated with print designer/ artist Mikaela Stafford to bring their designs to life and offered their customers a first chance to buy virtual clothing that is downloadable for a limited time post-show but also can be used in perpetuity to augment reality as digital avatars or skins for virtual gaming characters and all for $50 a look.

If you haven’t yet seen the incredibly artistic INJURY CGI showcase from this years Australian Fashion Week then wait no longer – check out some of my favourite digital looks below or head onto the brands website where you can watch the full video and buy each of the looks for your digital self right now…

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