Jordan Meaney in Tides of Change

A few weeks ago I got to work on creating and developing an amazing editorial shoot that was a collaboration between myself, and two really talented creatives that I am lucky enough to call friends. After creating the shoot and deciding on the final images we were pleasantly surprised to hear that HUF Magazine liked the article so much that they wanted to pick it up as an exclusive piece!

Tides of Change – the collaboration between star photographer Wade Whitington, handsome model Jordan Meaney and myself tells the tale of the change of seasons, from light to dark and warm to cold – inspired by Robert Langley’s writing. As do the flowers the seasons unfold, Following in footsteps on a path of times old, What will bring this season? The same pastimes before? Of will this time be different is something else in store, The difference is the future, has it yet called your name, For if the voice is silent perhaps more of the same, It’s not about expecting, more making is the phrase, That brings forth all our changes or brings familiar days.

Check out all of the looks from the shoot below and head online to HUF Magazine where you can nowise the full article published!

Photography by Wade Whitington

Styling/ Creative Direction by Jamie Azzopardi

Modelled by Jordan Meaney at Viviens Model Management

Assisted by Sara Omeara & Tamara Oei

Shot on location at Red Leaf Beach.

Clothing by Chantry House, French Connection, JAG, Josh + Thom, Paul Anthony, Saba & Zara.

Accessories by Bared Footwear & Rixx Eyewear.

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