LA Low-Down: Vodka, Soda & Passionfruit

Last week I was treated to a fabulous night out with home-grown Aussie alcohol brand Vodka, Soda & to celebrate the launch of their newest flavour, Passionfruit, at a 90’s LA themed party that was one hell of a ride, and yes the pun was intended! Held at the iconic institution that is Bondi Beach’s Public Bar the party showcased the new drink in an exciting way by bringing the culture behind the drink to the forefront so that guests could live the lifestyle of exactly what the brand experienced when creating the drink and in my humble opinion they nailed it. Born from the idea of a no BS drink that allowed you to have a good time without worrying about all the bad stuff the brand has since applied it’s method into it’s new flavours and this one was no different.

Giving guests a chance to try the drink before it comes out the brand, who has quickly rose to fame as one of the must have beverages for festivals and weekend lovers everywhere, offered a unique look at just why this new favourite was set to be one of their best sellers yet – and a unique option for them! With months of hard work on the line fans of the brand welcomed this new addition with great acceptance and I have to say having tried it for myself I can see exactly why this is set to be a can you see all over the place!

If you weren’t lucky enough to attend the Vodka, Soda & Passionfruit launch event then you did miss out on one hell of a fun time, but I do have a look below at some of my favourite moments from the launch which include a first-look at what I am sure you will all be tasting very very soon…

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