Long Live Montero: Lil Nas X’s new Documentary

Last night I got to see a sneak preview of a very special production that Universal Documentaries hosted to celebrate their newest work with rapper, singer/songwriter and queer trailblazer Lil Nas X called Long Live Montero. Following the journey of the acclaimed musician as he embarks on his first ever tour the documentary showcases an intimate portrait of an artist as he navigates the closed-door music scene while also trying to personally juggle the life issues that come with family, identity, expectations and acceptance. The film is a whirl-wind look into the pressures we put on ourselves and how beautiful it can be to finally figure out that we are ALL just figuring it out as we go. If you are yet to see this documentary then I say run don’t walk, but for now take a look below at some of my favourite moments from the production!

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