Nat Misic for El Moda Magazine Spain

A couple of weeks ago I, again, got to shoot with the lovely model Nat Milisic and very talented photo-journalist Wade Whitington as we carried the torch and continued telling the story for luxury accessories brand Celestree in their newest seasonal shoot that showcases both the brands signature hand-made scarfs and their new resort line which offers printed hand-made kaftans and sarongs. For this summer holiday inspired shoot we took the team along the magnificent Australian coastline and shot the story both conventionally and unconventionally which allowed the duality of photos to both be press ready and marketable which left me with the idea of submitting some of the more editorial shots to magazine’s and thankfully Spain’s newest fashion hub el Moda not only liked the piece, but loved it so much they made it the cover work!

Featuring 5 of the upcoming resort/ summer range, that the brand will be releasing over the next coming months, this editorial showcases just how the pieces look and work but more than that it showcases the modern woman and how the new range fits into her life. With 2021 being just that of 2020, only more manageable, we decided to shoot this piece right here at home and use a more advantageous and interesting way looking at how we dress to show off the new wears, which you can see in the draping and texture of the garments.

If you are still yet to see the beautiful new article Resorted to the Islands featuring Nat Milisic in Celestree‘s garments featured as the cover artwork for el Moda‘s first ever print magazine then what are you waiting for? Below is a sneak peak at the work, but make sure you check out the full new collection for yourself, I can promise you won’t want to miss it.

Photos by Wade Whitington

Grooming by Amy Chen

Styling by Jamie Azzopardi

Modelled by Nat Milisic at Bella Management

Clothing by Celestree & Midnight Co swimwear

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