Noted For Beauty: The Dermal Diary

This week I got to try out a new range by one of Sydney’s best and most experienced skin therapists Isabella Loneragan from The Dermal Diary who’s 12+ years of work in the field have seen her not only work in-salon but have also seen the talented and accomplished cosmetologist create a range of products that are set to offer expert help in acne, rosacea, pigmentation plus cosmetic and anti-ageing treatments. Having tried the range for myself I can tell you the expert is right on the money and her formulated “private collection” is a world class look at exactly how to get scientifically tested and proven results.

The range boasts a lot of beautiful qualities and with her understanding that the trust between client and therapist is one of the most crucial aspects of skin therapy the beautifully minded creator has honed her passion for blending beauty and advanced dermal therapies into a collection, one for teens and one for adults, that offers a range of products free from synthetic fragrances, animal derivatives, artificial colourants, mea/dea, phthalates, triscolsan, parabens and sulphates.  Mastering her passion for using treatments and scientifically proven skin products to treat major skin conditions you can see, and feel, when using the beautifully curated products that they actively work to help your needs and no matter whether it’s a blemish, a breakout or a pigment difference the range really does effectively change the way the skin is treated offering viable solutions that are easy to use and are superior in handling.

If you haven’t yet checked out the new Dermal Diary private collection then I suggest you wait no longer. No matter what your skin needs are they are sure to be able to help and with the brands back-up in-salon experiences you are sure to see results whether you do it yourself or with the help of one of the teams therapists. Check out below some of my favourites from the collection (including the cleanser) or head online now to check out the full range and see just how it can help you today!

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