Perfectly Printed: BTS on Chantry House’s AW21 Shoot

Yesterday I got the chance to shoot with emerging fashion brand Chantry House as they reveal there second drop to the world and boy was it a blast! Shooting along-side 4 other models, and a gorgeous canine, this shoot depicts the everyday life of those who make bold and courageous fashion choices. Showing off the printed pieces synonymous with the brand the idea behind the shoot was executed in the luxurious Potts Point backdrop and features some of the affluent towns most prominent features.

With city skylines and the El-Alamein memorial fountain behind us the shoot showcases the brands newest offering in an elevated way, allowing for the viewer to see just why this cult brand has built up it’s following. From bold and bright to wonderfully bemused the range offers a unique perspective at the idea of a party shirt and this campaign shows not only how to wear it, but those moments with friends that show off why!

If you are yet to see the new Chantry House shoot then wait no longer, I have some of my favourite BTS moments below or head online or to there socials where you can see the full drop for yourself.

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