Plus A Little More: +Plant Protein Meals

With work going back to a semi normal place I have become my households newest chef, which if you know me at all you’ll know scary of a thought that is, but nonetheless I have taken up the challenge and been really working on some ways to make sure that my housemates not only eat well and healthy but get there nutrients and balance. While I am a vegetarian I do cook them meat but have always struggled with the idea of the impact my choices make which is why after stumbling on +Plant in my local Harris Farm I knew that I had struck gold. Sitting at the intersection of responsible eating and the desire to eat meat the brand allows you to make better choices for your health and the environment without compromising on taste and above that the delicious, and protein packed, meal has a 4 on the health star rating!

Now I know what you’re thinking – can it really taste that good and if it does is it really all that much better for you? but after learning a lot about the product in the recent weeks having used it 3-4 times a week and hearing the thought of my housemates and professionals I can tell you it is really that tasty and yes it is much better for you and for all of us. The innovative meals are made from 100% Australian beef, lamb and chicken, in supports of our local farmers, and all contain added plant protein that improves the health of the product and blends seamlessly without effecting the taste or texture that you’d expect from eating meat, it’s then pre-cooked in sauces with clean ingredients ready for you to buy, heat and serve – and yes it’s that easy.

So why make the switch – well if I haven’t convinced you enough yet to try this for yourself then let me give you the facts: the delectable meals retain protein levels while reducing saturated fats, cholesterol and calories meaning you can work and play harder without putting on unnecessary weights. They have added fibre, which is an important dietary requirement for mental and physical health and above all it is the easiest most convenient product to use – allowing you to heat and serve with or without a salad and veggies all from a 100% recyclable package and each package contains a ready to go meal made with Australian products to support a better local community together!

If you haven’t yet checked out +Plant protein meals then what are you waiting for? Bursting with goodness and ready for you to eat you can get your very own flavour packed meal right here. Check out my day making my housemates an awesome meal with the delicious product below and make sure you send me ideas on how you’ve created your meal, I know my housemates will thank you…


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