Que Bueno: Bueno Shoes Launch

Known for it’s creative fields it is no secret that when it comes to the arts Australia is at the top of it’s game, and that’s why so many good designers and designs come from right here – much like Bueno Shoes who offer footwear and accessories designed right here in Australia and then are hand crafted in Turkey, using the most premium leathers for optimal style and comfort! Known for utilising the ancient European techniques the brand not only uses the softest leather the region has to offer but also offers a range of colour and tones unachievable anywhere else in the world, and that’s because the mills hand natural dye the leathers themselves – offering a unique and one-of-a kind look you can’t get anywhere else.

Competitively priced, with pieces ranging from $100-$260, the beautifully crafted pieces not only offer value for money, but also a unique a comforting shoe that is handcrafted with love and produced in this most ethical way from mostly natural materials. With a wide range of options and styles the brands full collection is the perfect must-had this season and with the change in season the full range has something for everyone no matter your style, your preference or your boldness.

Check out a first look at the stunning accessories brand newest pieces, or head online to see just why everyone is raving about Bueno Shoes, and don’t forget to check out a few of my favourite pieces below – I know they will to be yours in seconds…

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