Ready To Race: Bang & Olufsen’s BeoPlay Portal

Yesterday I got to try my hand at playing a couple of Xbox video games in a luxurious back showroom thanks to the new release of Bang & Olufsen‘s newest pair of headphones, the BeoPlay Portal, which was designed for gamers who love to hear the finer details both on and off duty. The new inclusion in the high end Danish electronics brand’s range is revolutionary, as it’s the first time the brand has ever created a piece specific to the genre of gaming but more than that it is the first dual piece in there range that has the duality of Xbox connectivity as well as the the ability to listen while making calls or listening to music – and after trying out the piece for myself I can see just why gamers are going to love this experience.

Allowing you to wirelessly connect to your PC to chat, interact and listen to music during office hours, answer calls on your phone, then jump into a full-on gaming experience with seamless Xbox connectivity when it’s time to relax the new pieces are really as good as they sound. With advanced microphone technology and immersive sound the lightweight items are must haves for any gamer that wants to have a virtual meets reality experience.

If you haven’t yet seen the new and exciting Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay Portal for yourself then never fear I have a first look at the product, and them in action for you below. Make sure you check out there website for all the additional information on why you should have this piece in your life or better yet head on in store (or to where all good headphones are sold) and see first hand just how amazing this little innovation is for yourself…

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