Ready To Roast: Will & Co

With more Australian’s enjoying coffee at home than ever before, bean enthusiasts are going to be spoilt for choice with the announcement of specialty roasters Will & Co‘s newest creation, and boy are we here for it! With coffee remaining supreme as the number 1 most drank drink in the world, outweighing water 1:3 and tea 1:5 the drink is globally recognised as a must-have morning and afternoon essential – and now we have even more reason to celebrate it. Having just released their new premium aluminium pods, compatible with Nespresso Coffee Capsule machines , in four new flavours fans of the brand can now experience the cafe styled coffee right from their own homes.

Exclusive to the brands cafe partners and online store the new pods are a heaven sent to those working from home, or who wish to enjoy all the joy of cafe quality coffee without any of the stress of having to get to the cafe. Synonymous with style and quality the brand has always been known for putting the integrity of the coffee at the top of it’s list which is why fans have flocked to them. Using high grade Arabica beans sourced from all corners of the globe and packed locally to optimise freshness this new inclusion to the brands stable of products offers an amazing cup of coffee at the press of a button no matter where you are!

If you haven’t yet tasted the new Will & Co capsules then what are you waiting for? I can promise an amazing cup-of-joe that you won’t soon turn back from. Check out the brands newest inclusions below or head online and grab yourself a pack or two to try out now…

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