Roberta George in #ItGirl for Lyx Magazine

Every now and then comes along a model that while shooting you know that they’re a superstar, and that is very true of my recent shoot with IMG newcomer Roberta George, who is as the title of this project says the next It Girl – and if you saw the shots that photographer Wade Whitington took on the day we shot you’d know exactly why – let’s just say there isn’t a bad angle to capture this beautiful woman at! Yesterday, after having shot this new editorial a few months ago, Swedish publication LYX Magazine finally released it, and boy was it a treat to finally share these images with the world – so without any further ado – I give you my new editorial It Girl!

Channeling the “it girls” of generations past this editorial looks at the infamous models of the 90s and how they paved the way for models today to become the new superstars our world craves. From making bold and elegant fashion moves, to their keen sense of style and, even in the off moments, the way they play with the world of fashion this article looks at the moments behind the moments as well as the “off-duty” model side to the girls we have come to covet. Featuring some of my favourite local and global designers like Rhodin Collection, CazInc The Label, Imagery Official & Derma Department to Isabel MarantPrada, YSL, Louis Vuitton & Zara this all round 6 image article is a day in the life of the model who we all need to see more of…

If you haven’t yet seen the new It Girl article now published in LYX Magazine featuring Roberta George then what are you waiting for? Take a look at some of my favourite shots from the shoot below or head online and buy yourself a digital or hard copy of the magazine for yourself!

Photographs by Wade Whitington

Styling by Jamie Azzopardi

Modelled by Roberta George @ IMG Models

Assisted by Emma Sutton & Georgia Zeaiter

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