Scrubbed & Ready: Men Who Scrub

With a motto like smell, feel and be delicious it’s hard not to want to try the cult mens beauty brand Men who Scrub, throw in the idea that their brand is home-grown from the NSW Central Coast and they use all natural ingredients and it was almost impossible but I have to say after trying the brands full new range of products for myself yesterday I can see why people rave about them, and why they have become a staple in mens beauty inside and outside of Australia. With a full range of scrubs, sprays, creams and balms the range has gone from strength to strength and after trying them for myself and seeing the glistening results it’s easy to see just why people go back to them time and time again!

Handmade with love by a married duo the luxurious products not only really work but smell and feel heavenly. From the opening of the seal to the use the products both feel luxurious and allow you to look your best – removing all of the grime of the day in the bathroom sink or a scrub down in the shower, these are all products that you won’t be able to live without, and best of all the really work! As men we tend not to take beauty so seriously, which is why up until recently mens beauty has been an afterthought but with more and more studies showing us just how mens skin is effected by not looking after our skin men are really turning a corner and it’s because of brands like this, that champion good heathy mens skincare routines and offer us a healthy, natural alternative that we are able to kill the stigma that once came along with taking care and offer ourselves a relaxing and well-needed cleanse that will have you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated!

If you haven’t yet tried just why people all over are raving about Men who Scrub then what are you waiting for? Check out the full new range of products below as I try them out on my relaxing day off or head online and shop up a great Aussie owned and made brand that I know you will love – and ladies do your favourite men a favour and buy him a little slice of heaven, I promise you he will love you a little extra for it!

Photos by Hayden Buchanan

Clothing by Nautica

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