Seen Differently: Music the Movie

Tackling the issue of a young girl with special needs Grammy award winning pop icon Sia turned her short story, Music, into a feature film that delves into the worlds of living with a disease and how the power of music plays into our lives but more than this she offers a strangely accurate look into a family dynamic, one who’s losses have well and truly caught up with them and while some critics have written this directorial debt off as another creative work that won’t go anywhere I think this movie is a must see, and at the very least a conversation starter! Allowing the viewer a chance to see a new perspective, one that is a highly original, visual, sensory and an emotional explosion, we are taken on a ride through the ups, downs, wins and challenges of the everyday life of family, drug abuse, love, loss, togetherness, disability and overcoming the adversities that lets face it – we all go through.

From Kate Hudson‘s role of Zu to Leslie Odom Jnr‘s role of Ebo, Maddie Ziegler‘s role of Music to Mary Kay Place’s role of grandma Millie and Hector Elizondo’s role of George the casting of this film not only served a higher purpose but allowed us to see just how powerful these players were both off screen and on. While I agree the cameos could have been turned down a notch this star studded cast did it’s best to provide a safe place for the messages of imagination, community, acceptance, the power of music and the need for help while telling a story that allows us to see life in the way we can artistically explain those living with disability.

While the film continues to receive mixed reviews I am sure you will love what Sia has produced with Music, and I implore you to see it for yourselves. The risky yet on point newly stylised way of telling this story was incredible and it would be a shame if people didn’t see it just for debates sake, so let me know your thoughts, and don’t forget to allow yourself some time to get lost in the music…

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