Summer Flicks: Mov’In Boat

Placed perfectly in the heart of Sydney’s Darling Harbour the team at Mov’In Boat have created a perfectly picturesque event that brings together art and culture all in one neatly wrapped bow (parden the pun). Allowing guests to be treated to a range of delectable eats and drinks, a night on the water (either on a bed or on a boat) and the chance to see a feature film with family or friends the nightly event is the perfect way to spend a summer night out no matter what the occasion is! Equipped with all the luxuries of your normal cinema experience the joy and magic of outdoor cinema is heightened when experiencing this great event as you are treated to one of the cities most colourfully eclectic regions brought to life in your surroundings while indulging in one of humans favourite past times and after the sun goes down you end the night with a magical movie experience that can only be described as heavenly.

With a range of films both old and new to see this inclusive experience is for everyone and no matter whether your in a boat or on their “floating land” you are equally treated to a night out that is sure to be a memorable experience you won’t soon forget. The space has it’s own semi-restaurant filled with dinner foods, snacks, wines, beers and sodas to accomodate any needs and after visiting for myself yesterday, and indulging in the delicious eats and drinks for myself I can tell you first hand you will want to spoil yourself and get a little something to eat and drink from the delicious range of options, before enjoying your night out with friends and immersing yourself into the creatively wondrous space the team have created.

If you are yet to get yourself to Mov’In Boat then I suggest you do that immediately. Sydney friends you can enjoy the experience until the end of February but why wait I can vouch that you will have a boat-load of fun and once you’ve gone once you won’t want to stop!

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