Technical Reveal: Google Chromecast X The Crown

Yesterday my friends at Google sent me a magnificent little gift that both celebrates and commemorates there collaboration with and the launch of the iconic Netflix series new season of The Crown. Filled to the brim with British goodies the limited edition gift box is a regal first view of what we can expect from the upcoming season that highlights the brands Chromecast which allows you to watch Netflix right on your screens no matter where you are so you won’t miss a single episode of the talked about season to come.

Featuring a tea cup and tea bags, digestives, a detailed picture and materials of Diana’s infamous wedding dress, a picture-book of her Australia tour as well as a clipping of the front page of the Times and a memorial bookmark with an infamous quote from the late people’s princess as well as the new Chromecast the new curiosity box is everything I could have hoped for and more, and it came at the perfect time!

You may not be able to get the curiosity kit for yourself but you can enjoy mine through the photos below and be sure to check out the amazing Google Chromecast which will help you view all of your favourite shows right on your TV from a range of amazing providers, so you’ll never miss another episode or movie again…

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