The Soothing Touch: Tony & Munro

The annual Australian transition from the cool wet weather to the harsh drying warm weather is one that anybody with a skin issue fears but thanks to a really cool new range from Tony & Munro men no longer have to fear the awkward transition from winter to spring without a helping hand! Traditionally mens beauty brands haven’t focussed on the wild changing climates that Australia offers it’s residents which has left a huge gap in the market – and after seeing it the acclaimed beauty provider saw a way to have an educated conversation with their consumers bout how best to take care of your skin year round.

Considering that our skin is our first impression on someone else, as well as a great indication of self it always ha surprised me that so very little men actually take care of their skin in the way women do – but now and thanks to this inclusive and diverse range men all over the world can join a conversation that was always meant for both sexes to have. The four part process, containing a moisturiser and primer, eye gel, bb cream & concealer, is packaged to work together or as stand alone products depending on your skin. Giving you room to move at your own progression the illustrious and well conceived range allows you to look great and feel confident in a new way, knowing that your skin is as polished as it can be and helping you actively fight the damage we all get from the day to day wear and tear of our most useful and prominent asset.

Having trialled the products myself in the preparation of Freedom Day this past week I can tell you first hand that this caring and gentle easy-to-use process is one you need in your life, even if just in it’s stages. 00 or the Shine Control Moisturising gel & primer hydrates the skin, filling in fine lines and smoothing pores, with a radiant matte finish. 01 or the Revive Hydrating Eye Gel tightens the skin, softens lines and reduces redness, dark circles and tired looking eyes. 02 or the Correcting Concealer allows you to reduce redness and conceals dark circles, giving your skin a bright, flawless finish and 03 or the Renew Nourishing BB Cream nourishes and hydrates, provides SPF 30 protection and all while smoothing out redness and blemishes, for a flawless, light and natural look.

If you’re yet to see why men of every colour, shade and creed are flocking to try the new Tony & Munro collection then look no further. You can check out my day with the brand testing our the four steps below or you can head online here and shop the collection for yourself now, but be quick – this secret won’t stay that way very long, especially once people see the results…

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