The Up-Lift: Nancy Ganz’ New Bra

Bringing technology to the forefront and mastering it is something fashion brands have always championed but after revealing their first successful efforts were being put to consumers in a range of all technology based, extremely comfortable and supportive bra’s Nancy Ganz not only excited women all over the country but had them ready and paying attention. The brands newest line features the perfect underwear for any woman and boasts some pretty amazing tech x fashion pieces that have to be worn to be believed, but after getting to see, feel and hear about the product I have to say I am impressed!

The 6 part capsule collection offers women of all shapes and sizes the chance to be free-er and happier then ever before. Made in an array of colours and shapes and with a vast amount of materials the range opens up the conversation of comfort at a time when we are all in more need of exactly that. Light weight, flex to fit and delicate explains this range to a tee and while the new collection is being labeled as the perfect combination of style and comfort the compliments are focused heavily on some groundbreaking new initiatives and tech based ideas.

If you’re yet to see just why people are raving about the new Nancy Ganz bra range then why not take a look at the campaign below, or better yet treat yourself to a trial of the bra by buying one of the masterful and acclaimed shape wear brands pieces for yourself, I can guarantee you’ll see the difference…

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