The Wish List: Christmas Edition 2020

With the silly season in full effect and Christmas right around the corner I have decided to put forward a list of last minute items you should both have on your Wish List and get for those you love this holiday season. Championing Aussie owned companies this list is curated to both help Australian owned companies and showcase to you all the best home-grown brands that are must haves this holiday season. So what are you waiting for, shop the whole list now and spread the joy of the season with your loved ones over items that are sure to bring joy to everyone, no matter what their joy is!

Alcohol / Drinks – With the warmer months in full effect these alcoholic drinks are sure to be the perfect gift for anyone of age, no matter what their taste is:

Accessories – For the people who like to elevate their fashion these accessories for men and women are sure to help any fashionista heighten their outfit:

Beauty – For those who love to look good these beauty packs are everything they need to make sure their look can be accomplished:

Fashion – For those who love clothes this list is a curation of all the must haves no matter what look they are going for:

Food – No matter what your style is food is the gift that everyone loves, and with these delectable bites you are sure to have a winning gift:

Homewares – This is the perfect present for those who love staying at home and entertaining, fit for all the best in life this list celebrates all things homewares:

Technology – For those who like to adventure in the tech space here are some of my favourite gadgets that are sure to have any tech head falling in love:

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