The Wish List: Men’s (July)

Winter is here and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon so if you’re yet to do a wardrobe overhaul then you need to do so fast! Continuing with our now staple piece I have taken the liberty to collate a list of my favourite items from some of my favourite designers across the globe that you yourself can buy right here in Australia this month! Including seasonal trends and the worlds current climate I have split this month’s “wish list” up into 5 parts, Lounging Around – a look at clothes that will keep you comfy and warm inside your house and out, The New Preppy – a first look at an old trend favourite, Winter Black Out – a look at your new must-have all black outfit, Winter Wonders – a first look at what’s new in the world of accessories and Well Protection – a look at the newest in hair and beauty. No matter your style or need I am sure I have some options for you – so without any further ado be sure to check out this month’s Wish List:

Lounging Around: If the last few months have taught us nothing else we should have learnt by now exactly how to build up the lounging around part of our wardrobes, you know those comfy pieces that we wear in and around the house! Check out this months fresh drops for some further inspiration and keep yourself nice and comfy, and warm, even if it’s just for a zoom call.

The New Preppy: One of this seasons leading trends is a modern take on the “Preppy” look made famous in the 60s and 70s. This month we take a look at some of the pieces carrying the tradition on and a deeper look into some fun heritage brands.

Winter Black Out: An all black outfit and winter go together hand in hand like summer and ice-cream! Check out some on the newest all-black pieces you can add to your wardrobe now!

Winter Wonders: Layering is a must this time of year, and whether it’s adding a simple accessory layer or a practical one, we all need that extra little help to show off our style and to help us elevate our look, and sometime even the temperature.

Winter Protection: When winter roles around it is so easy to become a home-body which is why it’s even more important to take care of our face, skin and hair! With cooler days our skin takes on new challenges, but these pieces will help you look glowing and radiant from your hair to your toes!

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