The Wish List – Men’s (May)

With Autumn set to end and the cool months well and truly in full effect life finally feels like it’s returning back to normal after a long time in isolation and so a wardrobe update is true in order! Continuing with our other pieces I have taken the liberty to collate a list of my favourite items from some of my favourite designers across the globe that you yourself can buy right here in Australia this month! Going with on-trend colours and the change of season trends I have split this month’s “wish list” up into 5 parts, Essentially Essentials – a look at all the pieces you must have for any wardrobe, Cooler Innings – a look at some pieces that will help you settle into this cooler weather much nicer, Autumn Aerobics – a look at the newest in sportswear, Autumn Accoutrements – a first look at all of this seasons must-have accessories and Autumn Treatment – a look at the newest in hair and beauty. No matter your style or need I am sure I have some options for you – so without any further ado be sure to check out this month’s Wish List:

Essentially Essentials: With Autumn about to end and the end of isolation finally in sight this selection of garments will help you freshen up your wardrobe with some basic necessities that are soon to become your favourite staples!

Cooler Innings: As we set into the cooler months these pieces are sure to help you rug up in style and make sure that you’re as chic as you are warm!

Autumn Aerobics: As we are all aware summer bodies are built with maintenance and this selection of goodies will help you work out in style!

Autumn Accoutrements: With too many options at how to style your looks this season this selection offers you a first look at what accessories you need to have to complete your on-trend wardrobe!

Autumn Treatment: While the cooler months set in so do the changes in our skin and hair and this selection offers you a first look at what’s new in those worlds!

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