With summer on our doorstep and the warmer weather upon us it is time to swap wardrobes and give in to the balmy summer days and even balmier nights! Continuing with our now staple article I have taken the liberty to collate a list of my favourite items from some of my favourite designers across the globe that you yourself can buy right here in Australia this month but with the joys of December this month will be done a little differently! You will be getting your annual men’s and women’s wish lists along side a special edition swim and Christmas list that will help you navigate all the pieces you need and need to give this holiday season. I have split this month’s “wish list” up into 5 parts: Easy, Breezy – a first look at light weight options for the sun, Summer Soiree – which showcases all you need for those summer parties ahead, Collaboratory Minds – a first look at how brands have teamed up to showcase the aesthetics, Added Attention – a look at what is new in the accessory world and Summer Shine – a look at the newest in hair and beauty. No matter your style or need I am sure I have some options for you – so without any further ado be sure to check out this month’s Wish List:

Easy, Breezy – With the sun about to hit full force, we all need our clothes to be as easy and breezy as possible and below are some of the best light-weight options you’ll see this month:

Summer Soiree – No doubt summer is where all of the best parties happen and to keep you looking incredible I have some of my favourite soiree options below:

Collaboratory Minds – With collaborations between brands and including influencers, models and celebrities everywhere this year I have chosen to celebrate a few of my favourites, like these:

Added Attention – We all know that a good outfit is made up of details and below are some of my favourite details for the season ahead:

Summer Shine – With the sun in full force and events/parties dotted through the month their is no better time than now to take the best care of our skin and hair, that’s why these products are must haves:

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