The Wish List: Women’s (March)

Autumn has arrived and sadly summer has departed but a small part of me is very thankful we now get to layer again (yes I am a Melbournian, I know) and while I, like you, wish it wasn’t so soon we had to say goodbye now it’s time to switch the wardrobes and say hello to the new pieces we will be coveting this season! Continuing on the trend of celebrating what is new and fresh in the fashion and beauty worlds The Wish List again is showing you both the world’s must have items and home-grown treasures we know you will covet. This month’s list is sure to satisfy your cravings and allow you to get the a head start on just what to wear this season. Celebrating the change of season our Fall’ing In Love list is sure to give you all the inspo you need on just have Autumn pieces, our Nanna Knitted list takes a look at the coolest new woven pieces your wardrobe needs, our Coat-ed list celebrates the love for layering and an eye for detailed outerwear, our Autumn Details list shows you the coolest new accessories on the block and our Seasonal Change list showcases the newest and coolest hair and beauty pieces you’ll need this summer!

No matter what your style is I am sure these list will inspire your next outfits – so without any further ado enjoy checking out what’s on this month’s Wish List:

Fall’ing in Love – yes it’s that time again when we switch over from the warm months to the cool ones and below we have curated a list of must have’s for the changes ahead!

Nana Knitted – Following the trend check out some of the coolest knitted pieces available for the Autumn months ahead.

Coat-ed – With the cooler change approaching these pieces will soon become your best friend, your must-have and your don’t travel withouts…

Autumn Details –Check out all the coolest new accessories for the change of season so your outfits can be as stylishly detailed as needed.

Seasonal Change – The change in weather brings with it many beauty and hair challenges, but thankfully this curated list will allow you the chance to keep onto of all your changing needs as the weather turns…

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