You, Me & The Tale of Cake: Glenmorangie

Whisky and cake is not something you usually associate together nor is it usually something you would order in the same breath but after hearing about this newly created masterpiece and being asked by the masters, Glenmorangie, to trial their newest limited-edition single malt whisky that blends the two together I decided to give it a go. Now I know what you’re thinking for eons we have put sweet and savoury together and most of the time it’s a hit, but sometime, just sometimes it becomes iconic – and yes I think this is one of those moments, infact after tasting the beautifully blended cocktail for myself I was at a loss for thoughts on why we haven’t done this before! Having just launched their new creation, A Tale of Cake, designed to conjure the magic of a cake moment the brand sent me out a bottle to trial for myself before inviting me to see the theory first-hand at one of their, and my, favourite venues, Barangaroo House‘s Smoke bar.

Teaming together the masterful cake creations at the infamous eatery with the sweetly created whisky cocktails was not only a stroke of genius but something you should all try for yourselves – and yes that’s an order! The brands iconic and signature taste is represented well in the cocktail and as we sipped through, and ate from the cake it was easy to tell just how the brand had created this masterful moment that not only celebrated the great food but also magically told the story of the great moments that went along with the cakes we order.

Now while the experience is not open for everyone to try, I implore you to try Glenmorangie‘s new A Tale of cake (sold at all good liquor outlets, as well as by the glass at selected licensed venues in neat or cocktail form) and if you can try it with a cake – like those at the ever-inviting Barangaroo House, I can tell you you’ll never go back to drinking simple whisky again, and I’m not mad at that…

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